Dimitris K. Xenakis
  Climate Change
Evaluating Climate Change Institutions Evaluating Climate Change Institutions: Justice or Legitimacy?
Robert O. Keohane, Discussant: Charles R. Beitz - Princeton University (24 Feb 2009)

Climate Change and Environmental Governance Climate Change and Environmental Governance
Thomas Lyon, Bren School, University of California, Santa Barbara - Scientific Horizons
(Dec 2009)

The New Geopolitics of Energy The New Geopolitics of Energy
Michael Klare, Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University (8  Oct 2008)

Lecture 1: The Science of Climate Change The Science of Climate Change
William Collins

Lecture 2: The Economics of Climate Change  The Economics of Climate Change
Michael Hanemann 
Lecture 5: The International Climate Regime The International Climate Regime
Cymie Payne

Global Warming: Nation Under Siege Global Warming: Nation Under Siege
Edward Mazria, Frontiers of Knowledge (Dec 2007)

The American Denial of Global Warming The American Denial of Global Warming
Naomi Oreskes, Perspectives on Ocean Science, (Dec 2007)

Eyewitness to Global Warming Eyewitness to Global Warming
Will Steger in a visual account of the global warming - Voices (May 2009)

Controlling Climate Change After Copenhagen Controlling Climate Change After Copenhagen
 Bert Metz, Energy Seminar, Stanford University (10 Feb 2010)
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