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Conversations with History: Sir Michael Howard Sir Michael Howard
A discussion on the transformation of Europe with the end of the Cold War (4 May 1990)

Conversations with History: Timothy Garton Ash Timothy Garton Ash
On  the fall of communism and the future shape of Europe (4 April 1996)

Anders: Russia's Political & Economic Reforms -1/5 Anders Aslund
Russia's Political & Economic Reforms (Feb 2008) 1         3         5 

Leonard: The E.U. Development Model Mark Leonard
The E.U. Development Model (13 April 2009)

Conversations with History: Lord Patten Chris Patten
A discussion of the EU's CFSP and relations with the U.S. (30 Jan 2006)

Shifting Patterns of Global Power Shifting Patterns of Global Power
Chris Patten, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore (30 Oct 2008)

Barroso: European Union is 'empire' (short version) Jose Manuel Barroso
European Union is 'empire' (10 July 2007)
On the need for a new EU treaty (12 June 2007)
Lisbon, a strategy for all seasons (4 March 2008)
Address at the Turkish parliament in Ankara (10 April 2008)
A letter from Brussels to the next President of the USA (24 Sept 2008)

Journal Interview: Javier Solana - EU-Außenbeauftragter Javier Solana
Europe in the World, Kokkalis Program (17 Sept  2009)
Speech at the ESDP@10 Conference  part1   part2 (4 Aug 2009)
On European Security and Defence Policy, European Parliament ( 4 June 2008)

Redefining the European Union: Why it Matters to the US Joschka Fischer
Redefining the European Union: Why it Matters to the US, Michigan University (14 March 2007)

Bildt's speech at the ESDP@10 Conference part 2 Carl Bildt
Speech at the ESDP@10 Conference (4 Aug 2009)   1   -   2   -   3

Where are Europe's Borders? Aleksander Kwasniewski
Where are Europe's Borders?  (8 Oct 2009)

The Ultimate Test: European Soft Power and the Future of Liberal Democracy in the Balkans and Turkey The Ultimate Test: European Soft Power and the Future of Liberal Democracy in the Balkans and Turkey
Gerald Knaus, Kokkalis Program (November 20, 2008)  

Europe's Promise Europe's Promise
Steven Hill - New America Foundation (21 Jan 2010)

GREAT EXPECTATIONS: The Future of the European Union Great Expectations: The Future of the European Union
Hoover Institution, Stanford University (18 Sept 2008)

Russia: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Russia: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Bill Bradley, Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs (11 Dec 2008)

Russia Resurgent? Crisis in the Caucasus Russia Resurgent? Crisis in the Caucasus
Andrew Wolff, Craig Nation, Elena Aysakova, Neil Weissman and Russell Bova -  Dickinson College, Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues (9 Sep 2008)

Europe, Russia and Energy Security Europe, Russia and Energy Security
Jan Machacek, Respekt Magazine - Middlebury College, Rohatyn Center for International Affairs (7 Oct 2007)

Russia and the Future of European Energy Security Russia and the Future of European Energy Security
Gerhard Schröder (2 Jan 2008)

What is the EU's Future? The European Union in a Moment of Crisis
Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies (28/29 Oct 2008)
Global Financial Crisis, National Responses and the EU 
Norms, Nations, Power and EU Foreign Policy
EU Enlargement and European Identity from Ankara to Lisbon
What is the EU's Future
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