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  U.S. - World Order
America and the World America and the World
Nicolas van de Walle, David Patel and Peter Katzenstein - Cornell University (6 June 2008)

The New World Order The New World Order
Anthony C. Zinni, Cornell University (15 Apr 2008)

Charlie Rose - Fareed Zakaria Charlie Rose - Fareed Zakaria
On U.S. foreign policy and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (2 May 2008)

Cold War Lessons and Contemporary Dilemmas Melvyn P. Leffler
Cold War Lessons and Contemporary Dilemmas (16 Oct 2008)

George Soros - The Bubble of American Supremacy The Bubble of American Supremacy
Orville Schell with George Soros - UC Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism (March 2004)

America In the Second Nuclear Age America In the Second Nuclear Age
Jonathan Schell , Frances FitzGerald, Michael Nacht, Mark Danner - The Goldman Forum on the Press & Foreign Affairs and UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism (30 April 2003)

The Empire Dialogues: The U.S. and World Order Empire Dialogues: The U.S. and World Order
Niall Ferguson, Ken Jowitt and Steven Weber - University of California (Jan 2004)

 The Empire Dialogues: Lessons of History Limits of PowerThe Empire Dialogues II: Lessons of History Limits of Power
Tariq Ali, Jerry Sanders and Ruth Rosen - University of California (Feb 2004)

The Global Great Game The Global Great Game: Empires and Influence in the New Global Order
Parag Khanna, New America Foundation (17 March 2008)

The Second World: Empires, Influence in the New Global Order The Second World: Empires, Influence in the New Global Order
Parag Khanna, New America Foundation, Courtesy of CHIASMOS, University of Chicago (Mar 20, 2008)

Britain, America, and the Making of the Modern World Britain, America and the Making of the Modern World
Walter Russell Mead, New America Foundation (27 Nov 2007)

The Next Great Clash The Next Great Clash
Michael Levin, University of Chicago (15 Apr 2008)

Lost in Transition Lost in Transition: U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy
Christopher E. Paine, New America Foundation (12 May 2009)

The Power Problem The Power Problem
Christopher Preble, New America Foundation (24 July 2009)

Reconsidering American Power:  Reconceptualizing the Questio Reconsidering American Power
Roger Myerson and Marshall Sahlins - University of Chicago (24 April 2009)

Liberal Democracy vs. Autocracy The Myth of the Autocratic Revival: Why Liberal Democracy Will Prevail
G. John Ikenberry, Daniel Deudney and Dimitri Simes - New America Foundation (6 Feb 2009)

Americas Next Foreign Policy Playbook Americas Next Foreign Policy Playbook
Fareed Zakaria and Anne-Marie Slaughter, New America Foundation (16 Dec 2009)

The Obama Doctrine? The Obama Doctrine?
New America Foundation (14 Dec 2009)

Obama's Agenda in Asia Obama's Agenda in Asia
Carnegie Endowment (12 Nov 2009)

America's Fate in the Coming Era of Chinese Hegemony America's Fate in the Coming Era of Chinese Hegemony
Eamonn Fingleton, New America Foundation (12 March 2008)

Russia - U.S. Relations: Past, Present, Future Russia - U.S. Relations: Past, Present, Future
Victor B. Kuvaldin, Vladimir Pechatnov, Mikhail Troitskiy and Francis J. Gavin - University of Texas at Austin, LBJ School of Public Affairs (6 Aug 2007)

NATO and Russia: A New Beginning NATO and Russia: A New Beginning
Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Carnegie Endowment (23 Sept 2009)

The Transatlantic Relationship The Transatlantic Relationship
John Bruton, Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs(1 Oct 2009)

The World According to John Bolton Foreign policy during the Bush and the challenges of North Korea, Russia and Iran
John Bolton (4 March 2009)
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