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A chronology of European Security & Defence, 1945-2007
Julian Lindley-French - 2007

 Παγκόσμια Ευρώπη; Οι Διεθνείς Διαστάσεις της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης 
Δημήτρης Ξενάκης, Μιχάλης Τσινισιζέλης (επιμ.) - 2006

The New World Architecture: The Role of the European Union in the Making of Global Governance
José María Magone - 2006

Perspectives on EU-Russia Relations
Debra Johnson, Paul F. Robinson (ed) - 2005

Soft or Hard Borders? Managing the Divide in an Enlarged Europe
Joan DeBardeleben (ed) - 2005

The International Relations of the European Union
Steve Marsh, Hans Mackenstein - 2005

External Relations of the European Union: Legal and Constitutional Foundations
Piet Eeckhout - 2004

Rethinking European Union foreign policy
Ben Tonra,Thomas Christiansen - 2004

EU Development Cooperation. From Model to Symbol

Karin Arts, Anna Dickson (ed) - 2004

Europe's Foreign and Security Policy: The Institutionalization of Cooperation 
Michael Eugene Smith - 2004

European Union Foreign and Security Policy: Towards a Neighbourhood Strategy
Roland Dannreuther (ed) - 2004

The Wider Europe Matrix
Michael Emerson - 2004

The Future of Europe: Integration and Enlargement
Fraser Cameron (ed) - 2004

Justice and Home Affairs in the EU: Liberty and Security Issues after the Enlargement
Joanna Apap (ed) - 2004

Contemporary European Foreign Policy
Walter Carlsnaes, Helene Sjursen, Brian White (ed) - 2004

European Union: Challenges and Promises of a New Enlargement
Anca Pusca (ed) - 2004

Europe, America, Bush: Transatlantic Relations in the 21st Century
John Peterson, Mark Pollack - 2003

Understanding the European Union's External Relations
Michèle Knodt, Sebastiaan Princen (ed) - 2003

Through the Paper Curtain: Insiders and Outsiders in the New Europe
Charles Jenkins, Julie Smith - 2003

European Integration, 1950-2003: Superstate or New Market Economy?
John Gillingham - 2003

The European Security and Defense Policy: NATO's Companion - or Competitor?
Robert Edwards Hunter - 2002

Striking a Balance Between Freedom, Security and Justice in an Enlarged Union
Malcolm Anderson, Joanna Apap - 2002

Understanding European Union Institutions
Alex Warleigh - 2002

The European Union as an Actor in International Relations
Enzo Cannizzaro (ed) - 2002

Europe in the New Century: Visions of an Emerging Superpower
Robert Guttman (ed) - 2001

European Union: Power and Policy-Making
Jeremy Richardson (ed) - 2001

Facilitating Transatlantic Cooperation after the Cold War: An Acquis Atlantique
Peter Barschdorff - 2001

The European Union in International Politics: Baptism by Fire
Roy Ginsberg - 2001

Unequal Partners: French-German Relations,1989-2000
Julius Weis Friend - 2001

European Foreign Policy: Key Documents
Christopher Hill, Karen Elizabeth Smith (ed) - 2000

European security institutions: ready for the twenty-first century?
Brassey's (ed) - 2000

European Foreign Policy
Simon Nuttall - 2000

Germany and the Transnational Building Blocks for Post-National Community
Donald Phillips - 2000

The European Union: The Annual Review 1999/2000
Geoffrey Edwards, Georg Wiessala (ed) - 2000

The European Union in the World Community
Carolyn Rhodes

Two Tiers or Two Speeds? The European Security Order and the Enlargement of the EU and NATO
James Sperling (ed) - 1999

Regionalism, Multilateralism and the Politics of Global Trade
Donald Barry, Ronald C. Keith (ed) - 1999

The EU and Human Rights
Philip Alston, Mara Bustelo, James Heenan (ed) - 1999

The Making of EU Foreign Policy: The Case of Eastern Europe
Karen Elizabeth Smith - 1999

Building Security in Europe's New Borderlands: Subregional Cooperation in the Wider Europe
Renata Dwan (ed) - 1999

The European Union as a Global Actor
Charlotte Bretherton, John Vogler - 1999

Paradoxes of European Foreign Policy
Jan Zielonka - 1998

The Union and the World: The Political Economy of a Common European Foreign
Alan W. Cafruny, Patrick Peters (ed) - 1998

A Common Foreign Policy for Europe? Competing Visions of the CFSP
John Peterson, Helene Sjursen (ed) - 1998

Centralization or Fragmentation?: Europe Facing the Challenges of Deepening, Diversity and Democracy
Andrew Moravcsik (ed) - 1998

Deepening and Widening
Pierre-Henri Laurent, Marc Maresceau - 1998

Global Europe: The European Union in World Affairs
Christopher Piening - 1997

The Actors in Europe's Foreign Policy
Christopher Hill (ed) - 1996

Building a European polity?
Carolyn Rhodes, Sonia Mazey - 1995

The European Community and the Developing Countries
Enzo Grilli - 1994

International Politics in Europe: The New Agenda
G. Wyn Rees (ed) - 1993

After the Cold War: Ιnternational Ιnstitutions and State Strategies in Europe. 1989-1991
Robert Keohane, Joseph Nye, Stanley Hoffmann (ed) - 1993

Integration and Co-operation in Europe
Brigid Laffan - 1992


Normative Evolution in Europe: Small States and Republican Peace
Kostas Lavdas - 2010

Παρεμβάσεις για την Ευρώπη
Δημήτρης Ξενάκης & Θοδωρής Πελαγίδης (επιμ.) - 2009

Conceptualizing a Differentiated Europe
Yannis Emmanuilides - 2009

Global, Social and Political Europe 
Loukas Tsoukalis -  2007

Continuity and Change in the post-Constitution EU Presidency: A New Actor in Town?
Spyros Blavoukos, Dimitris Bourantonis and George Pagoulatos - 2005


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