Dimitris K. Xenakis
  Southeastern Europe
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Dimitris Xenakis (ed.) - 2009

Falling Behind Again? Southeast Europe and the Global Crisis
 Jens Bastian - 2009

Natural Gas Corridors in Southeastern Europe 
Ioannis N. Grigoriadis - 2008

The Politics of Differentiated Integration: the case of the Balkans
Spyros Economides - 2008

Quo Vadis Southeast Europe? EU Accession, Regional Cooperation and the need for a Balkan Development Strategy
Vassilis Monastiriotis - 2008

Security Sector Transformation in Southeastern Europe and the Middle East
Thanos Dokos (ed) - 2007

Greece’s new Balkan Economic Relations: policy shifts but no structural change
 Vassilis Monastiriotis, Achilleas Tsamis - 2007

The Southeastern Europe Multinational Peace Force: Problems of and Prospects for a Regional Security Agency
Dimitris Bourantonis, Panayotis Tsakonas - 2003

Balkan Regional Cooperation & European Integration
Othon Anastasakis, Vesna  Bojicic-Dzelilovic - 2002

Direct and Indirect Leadership: The Case of the US in Bosnia
Fotini Bellou - 2002

Milosevic Who? Origins of the New Balkans
Susan Woodward - 2001

Balkan Reconstruction and European Integration
V. Gligorov, M Kaldor, L. Tsoukalis -  1999

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