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International Organizations 

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Council of Europe 

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development 

International Monetary Fund [IMF] 

World Bank 

World Trade Organization [WTO] 

IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency 

IMO – International Maritime Organization 

ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organization 

Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation - BSEC 

OAS – Organization of American States 

African Union 

Gulf Cooperation Council 

League of Arab States 

Association of South East Asian States (ASEAN) 

International Relations & Security Sites

International Studies Association

International Security Resources

International Relations and Security Network

UN Development Programme

UN Institute for Disarmament and Security

UN University

US Institute for Peace

Watson Institute for International Studies

Council on Foreign Relations

Chatam House

The Club of Rome

Strategic Foresight Group


International Institute for Strategic Studies

MIT Center for International Studies

American Foreign Policy Council

International Crisis Group

Crisis and Risk Network

Brittish-American Security Information Council

Center for Applied Policy Reseach

Center for Transatlantic Relations

Center for the Study of Global Governance

ElCano Institute for International and Strategic Studies

Center for Defence and International Studies

Institute for Future Studies

International Peace Research Institute

Clingendael Institute of International Relations

German Institute for International and Strategic Affairs

Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces

Finnish Institute for International Affairs

Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

Pittsburg International Security Studies

Ford Institute for Human Security

The Institute of World Politics

The Oxford Council on Good Governance

Oxford Research Group

UN Statistics Commission

World Security Institute

World Security Network

World Affairs, The Journal

Careers in International Affairs (ed) - 2003



International Politics: Power and Purpose in Global Affairs
Paul D'Anieri - 2010

The Politics of International Economic Relations
Joan Edelman Spero, Jeffrey Hart - 2010

Power, the State and Sovereignty: Essays on International Relations
Stephen Krasner - 2009

Contracting States: Sovereign Transfers in International Relations
Alexander Cooley, Hendrik Spruyt - 2009

Power, Interdependence and Nonstate Actors in World Politics
Helen V. Milner, Andrew Moravcsik (ed) - 2009

World Politics: Trend and Transformation (12th ed)
Charles W. Kegley - 2009

World Politics: The Menu for Choice (9th ed)
Bruce Russett, Harvey Starr, David Kinsella - 2009

War, Torture and Terrorism: Rethinking the Rules of International Security
Anthony Lang, Amanda Russell Beattie (ed) - 2009

The International Politics of Judicial Intervention: Creating a More Just Order
Andrea Birdsall - 2009

Identifying Parameters of Foreign Policy Change: A Synthetic Approach
Spyros Blavoukos, Dimitris Bourantonis - 2009

Security and International Politics in the South China Sea: Towards a Cooperative Regime
Sam Bateman, Ralf Emmers (ed) - 2009

The Rise of China and International Security: America and Asia Respond
Kevin Cooney, Yoichiro Sato (ed) - 2009

Religious Pluralism, Globalization and World Politics
Thomas Banchoff (ed) - 2008

The Politics of Secularism in International Relations
Elizabeth Shakman Hurd - 2008

Peace in International Relations
Oliver Richmond - 2008

Ethics,Lliberalism and Realism in International Relations
Mark Gismondi - 2008

International Relations, International Security and Comparative Politics: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources
Chad Kahl - 2008

America's Strategy in World Politics: The US and the Balance of Power
Nicholas John Spykman, Francis P. Sempa - 2008

International Politics of HIV/AIDS: Global Disease - Local Pain
Hakan Seckinelgin - 2008

The UN Security Council and the Politics of International Authority
Bruce Cronin, Ian Hurd (ed) - 2008

International Terrorism and Threats to Security: Managerial and Organizational Issues
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Dictionary of International Security
Paul Robinson - 2008

Issues in International Relations
Trevor Salmon, Mark Imber (ed) - 2008

All Politics is Global: Explaining International Regulatory Regimes
Daniel Drezner - 2007

Multicultural Odysseys: Navigating the New International Politics of Diversity
Will Kymlicka - 2007

International Law and International Relations
Beth Simmons, Richard Steinberg (ed) - 2007

The Realist Tradition and Contemporary International Relations
David Clinton (ed) - 2007

Realism Reconsidered: The legacy of Hans Morgenthau in International Relations
Michael Williams (ed) - 2007

The Balance of Power in International Relations: Metaphors, Myths and Models
Richard Little - 2007

Establishing Security and Stability in the Wider Black Sea Area
Peter Volten, Blagovest Tashev (ed) - 2007

International Security and the United States: An Encyclopedia
Karl Derouen, Paul Bellamy - 2007

The United States and the Security Council: Collective security since the Cold War
Brian Frederking - 2007

Armaments, Disarmament and International Security
SIPRI (ed) - 2007

International Security: The Contemporary Agenda
Roland Dannreuther - 2007

Culture and Security: Symbolic Power and the Politics of International Security
Michael Charles Williams - 2007

A Crisis of Global Institutions? Multilateralism and International Security
Edward Newman - 2007

Perspectives on World Politics (6th ed)
Richard Little, Michael Smith (ed) - 2006

The Study of World Politics: Theoretical and Methodological Challenges
James Rosenau - 2006

International Organizations and Democracy: Accountability, Politics and Power
Thomas Zweifel - 2006

Regional Security and Global Governance
Kennedy Graham, Tânia Felício - 2006

John Maynard Keynes and International Relations: Economic Paths to War and Peace
Donald Markwell - 2006

Classical Theory in International Relations
Beate Jahn (ed) - 2006

International Relations in Europe: Traditions, Perspectives and Destinations
Knud Erik Jørgensen, Tonny Brems Knudsen (ed) - 2006

Agents, Structures and International Relations: Politics as Ontology
Colin Wight - 2006

Decolonizing International Relations
Branwen Gruffydd Jones (ed) - 2006

Harry Potter and International Relations
Daniel Nexon, Iver Neumann (ed) - 2006

Small States in International Relations
Christine Ingebritsen (ed) - 2006

System and Process in International Politics
Morton Kaplan - 2005 (1957)

Introduction to International Relations: Perspectives and Themes
Jill Steans, Lloyd Pettiford, Thomas Diez - 2005

New Directions for International Relations: Confronting the Method of Analysis Problem
Alex Mintz, Bruce Russett (ed) - 2005

Critical Theories, International Relations and 'the Anti-globalisation Movement'. The Politics of Global Resistance
Catherine Eschle, Bice Maiguashca (ed) - 2005

International Relations, Security and Jeremy Bentham
Gunhild Hoogensen - 2005

International Migration and Security: Opportunities and Challenges
Elspeth Guild, Joanne van Selm (ed) - 2005

South Asia in World Politics
Devin Hagerty (ed) - 2005

Rising to the Challenge: China's Grand Strategy and International Security
Avery Goldstein - 2005

Challenges of Globalization: New Trends in International Politics and Society
Alfred Pfaller, Marika Lerch (ed) - 2005

Out of Evil: New International Politics and Old Doctrines of War
Stephen Chan - 2005

Security in the 21st Century: The United Nations, Afghanistan, and Iraq
Alex Conte - 2005

Security and International Relations
Edward Kolodziej - 2005

Ordering International Politics: Identity, Crisis and Representational Force
Janice Bially Mattern - 2005

The Role of the Chair in Multilateral Negotiations in the UN Context
Dimitris Bourantonis - 2005

The UN Security Council: From the Cold War to the 21st Century
David Malone (ed) - 2004

The United States and the Great Powers: World Politics in the Twenty-First Century
Barry Buzan - 2004

The Evolution of Political Knowledge: Democracy, Autonomy and Conflict in Comparative and International Politics
Edward Mansfield, Richard Sisson (ed) - 2004 

The International Politics of the Asia-Pacific
Michael Yahuda - 2004

Africa in International Politics: External Involvement on the Continent
Ian Taylor, Paul Williams (ed) - 2004

Landmines and Human security: International Politics and War's Hidden Legacy
Richard Matthew, Bryan McDonald, Ken Rutherford (ed) - 2004

Inauspicious Beginnings: Principal Powers and International Security after the Cold War, 1989-1999
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Ethical Theory in the Study of International Politics
Mark Evans (ed) - 2004

The Use of Force: Military Power and International Politics
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Taming the Sovereigns: Institutional Change in International Politics
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Regions and Powers: The Structure of International Security
Barry Buzan, Ole Wæver (ed) - 2004

Observing International Relations: Niklas Luhmann and World Politics
Mathias Albert, Lena Hilkermeier (ed) - 2004

Western Realism and International Relations: A Non-Western View
Aswini Ray - 2004

Dynamics of International Relations: Conflict and Mutual Gain in an Era of  Global Interdepedence (2nd ed)
Walter Clemens - 2004

International Relations Under Risk: Framing State Choice
Jeffrey Berejikian - 2004

Political Psychology in International Relations
Rose McDermott - 2004

Culture and International Relations: Narratives, Natives and Tourists
Julie Reeves - 2004

European Approaches to International Relations Theory: A house with many mansions
Jörg Friedrichs - 2004

Governance and Resistance in World Politics 
David Armstrong, Theo Farrell, Bice Maiguashca (ed) - 2003

Understanding Third World Politics: Theories of Political Change and Development
Brian Clive Smith (ed) - 2003

The Global Future: A Brief Introduction to World Politics (3rd ed)
Charles Kegley, Gregory Raymond (ed) - 2003

The Global New Deal: Economic and Social Human Rights in World Politics
William Felice - 2003

International Relations
Stephanie Lawson - 2003

The Disjunctive Empire of International Relations
Leong Yew - 2003

International Politics & State Strength
Thomas J. Volgy, Alison Bailin - 2003

Restructuring World Politics: Transnational Social Movements, Networks and Norms
Sanjeev Khagram, James V. Riker, Kathryn Sikkink (ed) - 2002

Argument and Change in World Politics: Ethics, Decolonization and Humanitarian Intervention
Neta Crawford - 2002

When Opponents Cooperate: Great Power Conflict and Collaboration in World Politics
Benjamin Miller - 2002

After International Relations: Critical realism and the (re)construction of World Politics
Heikki Patomäki - 2002

International Society and the Development of International Relations Theory
Barbara Allen Roberson (ed) - 2002

The New Agenda for International Relations
Stephanie Lawson (ed) - 2002

Constructivism in International Relations: The Politics of Reality
Maja Zehfuss - 2002

Reframing the International: Law, Culture, Politics
Richard Falk, Lester Edwin Ruiz, R. Walker (ed) - 2002

Space, Territory and the State: New Readings in International Politics
Raṇabīra Samāddāra (ed) - 2002

The International Politics of Race
Michael Banton - 2002

Rethinking Human Rights: Critical Approaches to International Politics
David Chandler (ed) - 2002

Global Society in Transition: An International Politics Reader
Daniel Nelson, Laura Neack (ed) - 2002

Dichotomy of Power: Nation versus State in World Politics
Richard Matthew - 2002

All International Politics is Local: The Diffusion of Conflict, Integration and Democratization 
Kristian Skrede Gleditsch - 2002

Beyond the Anarchical Society: Grotius, Colonialism and Order in World Politics
Edward Keene - 2002

Human Security and the Environment: International Comparisons
Edward Page, M. Redclift (ed) - 2002

Politics in the Developing World: A Concise Introduction
Jeffrey Haynes - 2002

Human rights and the borders of suffering: The promotion of human rights in international politics
M. Anne Brown - 2002

International Environmental Politics: The Limits of Green Diplomacy
Lee-Anne Broadhead - 2002

Historical Sociology of International Relations 
Stephen Hobden, John Hobson (ed) - 2002

International Relations in Political Thought: Texts from the Ancient Greeks
Chris Brown, Terry Nardin, Nicholas Rengger - 2002

International Relations and the "Third Debate": Postmodernism and its Critics
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The Twenty Years' Crisis, 1919-1939
Edward Hallett Carr, Michael Cox - 2001

Critical Theory and World Politics
Richard Wyn Jones (ed) - 2001

World Politics, 1945-2000 (8th ed)
Peter Calvocoressi - 2001

Contending Liberalisms in World Politics: Ideology and Power
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International Relations - Still an American Social Science? Toward Diversity in International Thought
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Constructing International Relations: The Next Generation
Karin Fierke, Knud Erik Jørgensen (ed) - 2001

Empires, Systems and States: Great Transformations in International Politics
Michael Cox, Timothy Dunne, Ken Booth (ed) - 2001

Evolutionary Interpretations of World Politics
William Thompson (ed) - 2001

Global Limits: Immanuel Kant, International Relations and Critique of World Politics
Mark Franke - 2001

Introduction to International Relations: Problems and Perspectives
Barry Jones, Peter Jones, Ken Dark - 2001

The Real and the Ideal: Essays on International Relations in honor of Richard H. Ullman
Anthony Lake, Richard Henry Ullman, David Ochmanek (ed) - 2001

The Ethics of Destruction: Norms and Force in International Relations
Ward Thomas - 2001

The International Politics of East Africa
Robert Pinkney - 2001

Understanding International Relations (2nd ed)
Chris Brown - 2001

Being Useful: Policy Relevance and International Relations Theory
Miroslav Nincic, Joseph Lepgold (ed) - 2000
Civilizing World Politics: Society and Community beyond the State 
Mathias Albert, Lothar Brock, Klaus Dieter Wolf (ed) - 2000

Principled World Politics: The Challenge of Normative International Relations
Paul Kevin Wapner, Lester Edwin Ruiz (ed) - 2000

International Relations, Political Theory and the Problem of Order. Beyond International Relations Theory?
Nicholas Rengger - 2000

The United Nations and International Politics
Stephen Ryan - 2000

Appeasement in International Politics
Stephen Rock - 2000

The Role of Law in International Politics: Essays in International Relations
Michael Byers (ed) - 2000

International Relations: Critical Concepts in Political Science
Andrew Linklater (ed) - 2000

International Security in a Global Age: Securing the Twenty-First Century
Clive Jones, Caroline Kennedy-Pipe (ed) - 2000

Non-Military Security and Global Oorder: The impact of extremism, violence and chaos on national and international security
Peter Chalk - 2000

Culture and Security: Multilateralism, Arms Control and Security Building
Keith Krause (ed) - 1999

Social Theory of International Politics
Alexander Wendt - 1999

The Desecularization of the World: Resurgent Religion and World Politics
Peter Berger (ed) - 1999

Postimperialism and World Politics
David Becker, Richard Sklar (ed) - 1999

The Shape of the Future: World Politics in a New Century (3rd ed)
Donald Snow - 1999

Resurrecting a Discipline: Enduring Scholarship for Evolving World Politics
George Liska - 1999

The Interregnum: Controversies in World Politics, 1989-1999
Michael Cox, Ken Booth, Tim Dunne (ed) - 1999

History and International Relations
Thomas Smith - 1999

Collective Conflict Management and Changing World Politics
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Sport and International Politics
Pierre Arnaud, James Riordan (ed) - 1998

A World without Meaning: The Crisis of Meaning in International Politics
Zaki Laïdi - 1998

The Diplomacy of International Relations: Selected Writings
Johan Kaufmann - 1998

Risk-Taking in International Politics: Prospect Theory in American Foreign Policy
Rose McDermott - 1998

Transnational Classes and International Relations
Kees van der Pijl - 1998

Activists beyond Borders: Advocacy Networks in International Politics
Margaret Keck, Kathryn Sikkink - 1998

Theories of War and Peace: An International Security Reader
Michael Brown (ed) - 1998

The Sword of Justice: Ethics and Coercion in International Politics
James Barry - 1998

Development and International Relations: A Critical Introduction
Anna Dickson - 1997

Liberal Peace, Liberal War: American Politics and International Security
John M. Owen - 1997

The New International Politics of South Asia
Vernon Hewitt - 1997

International Relations, 1914-1995
Tony Rea, John Wright - 1997

Contested Social Orders and International Politics
David Skidmore (ed) - 1997

Wars in the Midst of Peace: The international politics of ethnic conflict
David Carment, Patrick James (ed) - 1997

Agency, Structure and International Politics: From ontology to empirical inquiry
Friedman Harvey Starr - 1997

International Encyclopaedia Of Peace, Security, Social Justice And Human Rights
P. C. Sinha - 1996

Counterfactual Thought Experiments in World Politics: Logical, Methodological and Psychological Perspectives
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Sovereignty at the Crossroads? Morality and International Politics in the Post Cold War Era
Luis Lugo (ed) - 1996

Crisis Bargaining and the State: The domestic politics of international conflict
Susan Peterson - 1996

The International Politics of East Central Europe
Adrian Hyde-Price - 1996

The International Politics of Russia and the Successor States
Mark Webber - 1996

The Global Politics of Power, Justice and Death: An introduction to international relations
Peter Anderson - 1996

The Environment and International Relations
John Vogler, Mark Imber (ed) - 1996

Margins of Insecurity: Minorities and International Security
Sam Nolutshungu (ed) - 1996

The Perils of Anarchy: Contemporary Realism and International Security
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Regime Theory and International Relations
Volker Rittberger, Peter Mayer (ed) - 1995

Bringing Transnational Relations Back In: Non-State Actors, Domestic Structures and International Institutions
Thomas Risse-Kappen (ed) - 1995

Theories and Approaches to International Politics: What are we to think? (4th ed)
Patrick Morgan - 1994

Global Engagement: Cooperation and Security in the 21st Century
Janne Nolan (ed) - 1994

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Peter Calvert - 1994

Contexts of International Politics
Gary Goertz - 1994

Two Worlds of International Relations: Academics, practitioners and the trade in ideas
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Moral Vision in International Politics: The Foreign Aid Regime, 1949-1989
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Ethnic Conflict and International Security
Michael Edward Brown (ed) - 1993

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Double-Edged Diplomacy: International Bargaining and Domestic Politics
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A Reader in International Relations and Political Theory
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Gramsci, Historical Materialism and International Relations
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Governance without Government: Order and Change in World Politics
James Rosenau, Ernst-Otto Czempiel (ed) - 1992

Hugo Grotius and International Relations
Hedley Bull, Benedict Kingsbury, Adam Roberts (ed) - 1992

A New Concept of Cooperative Security
Ashton Carter, William James Perry, John Steinbruner - 1992

Realism, Idealism and International Politics
Martin Griffiths - 1992

International Relations Then and Now: Origins and Trends in Interpretation
William Olson, A. J. R. Groom - 1991

Federalism and International Relations: The role of subnational units
Hans Michelmann, Panayotis Soldatos (ed) - 1990

Personal Identity, National Identity and International Relations
William Bloom - 1990

National Security and International Relations
Peter Mangold - 1990

Cultural Forces in World Politics
Ali Mazrui - 1990

Rules, Norms and Decisions: On the Conditions of Practical and Legal Reasoning in International Relations and Domestic Affairs
Friedrich Kratochwil - 1989

Inquiry, Logic and International Politics
Benjamin Most, Harvey Starr - 1989

Soviet Military Policy: An International Security Reader
Sean Lynn-Jones, Steven Miller, Stephen Van Evera (ed) - 1989

World Politics and International Law
Francis Anthony Boyle - 1985

The Problems of Plenty: Energy Policy and International Politics
Peter Cowhey - 1985

War and Change in World Politics
Robert Gilpin - 1983

The Nuclear Revolution: International Politics before and after Hiroshima
Michael Mandelbaum - 1981

Ethics, Functionalism and Power in International Politics: The Crisis in Values
Kenneth Thompson - 1979

Perception and Misperception in International Politics
Robert Jervis - 1976

New Dimensions of World Politics
Geoffrey Goodwin, Andrew Linklater (ed) - 1975

International Politics: Foundations of the System
Werner Levi - 1974

International Relations 
Robert Mowat - 1931

International Relations: Address Before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Harvard University
Edward John Phelps - 1889

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