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Research Centre for Minority Groups



  Κατευθύνσεις Προοδευτικής Διακυβέρνησης
Δημήτρης Ξενάκης (επιμ.) - 2009 

 Greece in a Changing Euro-Mediterranean Setting 
Dimitris Xenakis - 2009

The EU, Turkey and Cyprus: what next?
Andreas Theophanous - 2009

The Current Macedonian Issue between Athens and Skopje: Is there an Option for a Breakthrough?
Evangelos Kofos - 2009

The return of Street politics? Essays on the December riots in Greece

Spyros Economides, Vassilis Monastiriotis - 2009

Reform that! Greece’s failing reform technology: beyond ‘vested interests’ and ‘political exchange’

Vassilis Monastiriotis, Andreas Antoniades - 2009

Making Citizenship Education Work: European and Greek Perspectives
Dimitris Chryssochoou - 2009.

Ten Years of EMU: convergence, divergence and new policy priorities
Nikos Christodoulakis -  2009

Nation Branding: the nation as a product
Maria Fola - 2009

The Security Dimensions of a Cyprus Solution
James Ker-Lindsay - 2008

Tolerance and non-discrimination: Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Greek Minority in Turkey
OSCE - 2008

Modernization and Centre-Left Dilemmas in Greece: the Revenge of the Under-dogs
Euclid Tsakalotos - 2008

Varieties of Capitalism’ and the Greek case: explaining the constraints on domestic reform?
Kevin Featherstone - 2008

Social Capital and Public Policy in Greece
Christos  Paraskevopoulos - 2007

Anti-Americanism in Greece: reactions to the 11-S, Afghanistan and Iraq
Stelios Stavridis- 2007

Greece's Energy Policy
IEA - 2006

Greek-Turkish relations in an era of détente
Ali Çarkoğlu,Barry Rubin (ed.) - 2005

Migration in Greece at a glance
Ruby Gropas, Anna Triandafyllidou - 2005

Formal Weakness and Informal Strength: Civil Society in Contemporary Greece
Dimitris Sotiropoulos - 2004

The Politics of Pension Reform in Greece: modernization defeated by gridlock
Kevin Featherstone - 2003

Assessing the views of academics in Greece on the Europeanisation of Greek foreign policy: a critical appraisal and a research agenda proposal
Stelios Stavridis - 2003

The Europeanisation of Greek Foreign Policy: A Literature Review
Stelios Stavridis - 2003

The Greek Turkish Relationship and NATO
Fotios Moustakis - 2003

Greece, The European Union and the 2003 Presidency

George Pagoulatos - 2002

Turkish political culture and the future of the Greco-Turkish rapprochement
Costas Melakopides - 2002

Religion and Populism: Reflections on the ‘politicised’ discourse of the Greek Church
Yannis Stavrakakis - 2002

Pressure Groups and Greek Foreign Policy, 1945-67
Ioannis Stefanidis - 2001

Turkish-Greek Relations: The Security Dilemma in the Aegean
Mustafa Aydın, Kostas Ifantis (ed) - 2001

Turkey, Greece and the US in a Changing Strategic Environment
Ian Lesser - 2001

Turkey & Greece: The Clash of Civilizations
Monteagle Sterns

The EU-Turkey Customs Union and Greece: Who is the Loser?
Dimitris Mardas, Thomas Moutos - 1999 

The European Union and Greece: Political Acceptability and Financial Transfers
Dimitris Bourantonis, Sarantis Kalyvitis and Constantine Tsoutsoplides - 1998

The Western Question in Greece and Turkey: A Study in the Contact of Civilizations
Arnold Toynbee - 1922



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